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Inventing the proverbial “better mousetrap”

Old-fashioned mousetrap

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it was indeed a great need that prompted ‘gentleman cowboy’ Robert Noe of Southern California to invent the world’s best rodent control device – the authentic Raticator S-Plus, Raticator Bluetooth S-Plus and Raticator Infrared Max – now manufactured in the USA by ATrap USA! You can now find authentic Raticators (don’t be fooled by knock-offs!) in more than 2,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and in more than a dozen nations across the globe.

Like many of us, Mr. Noe found himself in a losing battle against marauding mice and rats that chewed up equipment and caused serious, costly damage to property on his ranch. He tried everything to battle them. Archaic snap-type mouse and rat traps left a bloody mess on those rare occasions they actually worked. Inhumane glue boards were “ineffective and just plain disgusting”. And while Mr. Noe refused to use poisons due to the widespread, secondary poisoning of wildlife and pets, he nevertheless lost two beloved dogs to common rat poison left out by well-intentioned neighbors.

How to kill rats without poison? The answer finally arrived one morning when Mr. Noe, sipping a glass of orange juice from his orchard, discovered that a hapless gopher had quickly met his Maker after popping out of his hole and inadvertently touching his nose to an exposed “hot” wire on Mr. Noe’s horse fence. No blood. No gore. The light bulb went off, and the proverbial ‘better mouse and rat trap’ was born. Mr. Noe, whose father and uncle invented the first automobile safety belt, decided he, too, had stumbled onto something that, if applied to mice and rats, would certainly make the world a better place.

The Infrared Raticator Max

Before long, Mr. Noe said good-bye to a distinguished 30-year corporate career to pursue–amidst a few raised eyebrows, to say the least–development of the very best in rodent control.

The Raticator S-Plus, Raticator Bluetooth S-Plus and the Raticator Max humanely exterminate the rodent by delivering a quick and deadly shock to both mice and rats.

In the more than 2 decades since the first battery operated mouse and rat trap appeared on the shelf, it’s been through numerous improvements. The Raticator is guaranteed to really work and it’s backed by online and live tech support at 800-PEST-ZAP (that’s 1-800-737-8927).

Rodent Problems Could Be Part of Your Past

The only humane electronic rat and mouse trap solution with advanced modern technology!