Raticator lightning boltFAQ

Does It Work?

It’s our most frequently asked question and we’re proud to say, emphatically yes! Our Raticators humanely kill both rats and mice.

Is It Guaranteed To Work?

You Bet! We proudly back our Raticators with a 30 day money back guarantee when purchased from this website (with proof of purchase) that they will work including a six month parts and labor warranty. All we require is you call us first at 800-PEST-ZAP (1-800 737- 8927) so we can trouble shoot. Nearly every concern we can resolve by phone. You have nothing to lose – except your rodent problem!

Is It Simple To Use?

Absolutely! Just lure the rodent into the Raticator with any dry bait you choose. The high-tech system senses the rodent’s presence and delivers enough electrical energy to quickly and humanely dispatch the mouse, rat or other rodent.

What’s The Difference Between the Raticator Infrared Max and the Raticator S-Plus?

The Raticator Infrared Max utilizes a dramatically new Infrared Sensing System. This patent pending development along with a newly designed delivery system provides the customer with a 100% humane kill rate combined with approximately 1 year battery life. (uses 4 “D” batteries) The Raticator S-Plus utilizes a traditional sensing circuit coupled with an improved 6 month battery life (uses 4 “AA” batteries).

Why Is The Raticator Better Than Any Other Rodent Control?

Quite simply, the Raticator works without the harsh side effects of other types of rodent control. It kills humanely with 100% efficiency (Raticator Infrared Max), it is easy to set up and no poisons are used, making it much safer for your home and the environment. Cleanup is a snap; simply pick up the unit and slide the dead rodent into any appropriate receptacle – never touch a dead rodent again!

Can Raticator Be Used Outside?

We do not recommend using the unit outside if it is raining, heavy humidity or dew. If the electronics get wet on top, it will ruin the unit. Our customers can use an upside down planter box or tarp as a precaution, but the Raticator is ideal for indoor use.

Is Raticator Safe For Pets?

Generally yes it is – and much safer than alternatives like poisons and snap traps. If your pet is small enough to place a paw or nose in the trap and contact both of the plates (almost 7in inside the trap) they would get a localized shock on their paw or nose–nothing further. Kittens and puppies small enough to crawl into the trap should be kept away as their bodies could complete the circuit if they enter the trap. One option if you have small pets is to place a 2″ piece of duct tape over the top of the opening. Rats and mice can still get in, but most smaller pets will not be able to.

Does Raticator Work On Squirrels, Gophers, Possums, Raccoons Etc. ?

The Raticator is designed to work on rats and mice. However, we have had a number of customers who have used the Raticator to effectively control similar sized rodents other than mice and rats. Be sure to read our tip for trapping larger rodents.

What Should I Use For Bait?

We recommend using what the rodents are currently eating as the first bait to use and experimenting with other baits to see what they like. (Close off access to their current food source for a more effective strategy.) Examples of bait rodents love include pet food, scrambled eggs, peanut butter and, believe it or not, orange peel. Of course any wet bait should be put in a plastic bottle cap or something similar -this protects the plates from getting wet/dirty and potentially shorting the unit.

The Raticator Saves You Money!

Our Raticators are reusable and designed to last! Enhanced electronics offer extended battery life and provide you with years of reliable performance.

Don’t Be Fooled By Knock-offs!

We are the inventors of the only Raticator. We provide products that really work – we guarantee it! We’ve been around for more than 2 decades.

Rodent Problems Could Be Part of Your Past

The only humane electronic rat and mouse trap solution with advanced modern technology!